How You Can Overcome Failure: What Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, & Michael Jordan Can Teach You. Tai Lopez

Fear. Negativity. Failure. Melancholy. Whether we have previously gone through them previously, or whether we are going through many of these things now, learning to deal with these pressures is pivotal in achieving true happiness in your lifetime. Roland Lazenby, among the top sports biography writers, told me that all the great athletes like Kobe Bryant Tai Lopez, Michael Jordan and others all have something within their brain where they turned failures into potentiality. In other words, if something went wrong, rather than moping around and feeling sorry for themselves, these great sportsmen used it as fuel to ignite an ever larger fire. Nonetheless, that by itself is not good enough. Not only must you to use negativity and failure as motivation, but you have to attack the dilemma as well. Like the Bible says, “Faith without works is dead.”